Hello and welcome, I am mohamad abd alkarem , i'm an Art Director , And this is my profile .

8 years of experience on designing games ,and i totally love it :D i make game so i can play more :P

  • desert zombie

    desert zombie
    the first Arabic zombie game

  • Home !

    Home !
    a way of how i see home of an great artist

  • Goblin

    this is a small thing in one of the project i have ben working on the last few monthes

  • desert zombie characters

    desert zombie characters
    the first Arabic zombie game

  • new characters

    new characters
    this is new characters i made for road rage game on ios

  • Drawing

    Every amazing work have to start with idea sketch,The great artist make that sketch amazing piece of art.

  • Logo design

    Great ideas with smart unique touch,Developed over years of practice.

  • Print

    Some great product have a great name with small printing problems with me you can fix that to get all of your work to great new level .

  • copyright

    Good artist make his own work from scratch ,The great artist make his work and his ideas from nothing  .

Recent work