Hello and welcome, I am mohamad abd alkarem , I work as a Designer , And this is the site for some of my work .

I like to make things for 2D Games, in fact i work on parmig Company for "2D Game's on ios" & Net Ojen office for Graphic Design.

  • 2D Game for IOS

    2D Game for IOS
    some 2d work for ios games

  • 3D Object

    3D Object
    Some on my 3D Object for pc game's

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  • Finding power

    Finding power
    this 2D ios game now available on app stor

  • Drawing

    Every amazing work have to start with idea sketch,The great artist make that sketch amazing piece of art.

  • Logo design

    Great ideas with smart unique touch,Developed over years of practise.

  • Print

    Some great product have a great name with small printing problems with me you can fix that to get all of your work to great new level .

  • Copywriting

    Good artist make his own work from skratch ,The great artist make his work and his ideas from nothing not even skratch .

Recent work