Mohamad Time Line that's pretty much it

Where i started with all of this .

I start learning everything about graphic years ago on high school as a hobby and after long time of practise i start seeing some great work coming out ,So i start thinking that i can do this for living .
My first work place was my friend office ,After a While i opened my oun office on 2010 summer in syria , And now i am working as an Art Directer  .



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2011on 2011 i start to take serious steps to level up my work to new great level and do what i really like ,So i take the game design as my passion i worked on different ios games company and withe them we finished 2 ios 2d games “Finding Power” and “The Perfect Drop” this 2 games available on app store now .
And withe finding power game i was in charge of working on all of this things
|| “concept art/animation art/graphic design/world design/game
menu concept art/Ad design/character design/obstacles
design/environment design /logo design/icon design ” || .
started to build my experience on 3D from 2009 to 2011 ,
Used to working with Blinder (free 3D software) to get my work
modeled/textured/animated/rendered .And on 2012 I started my oun company “ peace style”for t-shirt design , After the company closed i continue to work on t-shirt design until now .
was born on Ajman /UAE on 1989 stayed and i realized there until 2005 ,I Studied there on Ajman private school .
And after 2005 i moved to Syria to settle down and on 2008 I graduated from High School of computer engineer .

2009   I signed to the gulf university/ Aleppo / Syria ” Computer Engineering Department ” i study there for 3 years nothing about graphic design just the normal stuff and white all the programming project we have on the university i always take the project that need great GUI for it and some off them was a 2d games for pc and web and withe the start of the war on Syria i end up stopping my studying on the university .


2012   after the war got to Aleppo i decide to move to other country safer o live in and i moved to turkey on the end on that year and after a while i fined great work on small office called netojen .


2013   After spending 5 months in that office it was an disaster for so many reason i decided to leave it and start working as an freelancer and in the end of 2013 i finished 5 games and working on 3 others and made 4 low price projects for graphic river
first game i finished in that year was with great team “Girnass” we did make an game called “Giddam” i worked as an GUI designer & Animator
after that i worked with “tamamtem” Jordan team and we finished 3 project that year
1- جنون الألوان
2- الأحرف الذكية
3- السيارة الغامضة

and 13 more
In the same time i was working on an game called “upside down run” with my team “parmig” that release on the end of 2013


2014 this year was a big step for me i made 45 game and lunched a big hit games for the Arabic  market

1-عوض ملك التوصيل

2- شارع الموت

in the end of this year  i moved to jordan and worked as a art director there for 7 months


2015 in the start of this year i build a new platform can help me make any GUI in mater of hours and since then i been doing stuff i called dynamic GUI

and in this year i left one great team(my job with tamatem team) to join another great one (called Tarboosh)

i made 2 biggest games so far this year

1- غضب الشوارع

2- زومبي الصحراء

with tarboosh i started to make what i love to make from the first place “games”

big things coming up soon i will keep you updated :).

  • Graphic Design 93%

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