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I’m a UI/UX designer,  Game artist, Art director, Gamer, Father 

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Art Direction

helping your team to build a consistent art style and making sure it fits the game and its works probably with the game engine

Game Art

I will do the game art you want, to fit your vision and your game in mind, and together will develop the best visual to make your game popup

Traning & Tuturing

I will give lessons / personal time to guide you in your artistic journey & help you develop your skill, I will give you tips and tricks in the Art market

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2021 - to the time

Alemi / Alifbee /Alibee kids...

Art Director/product manager / i responsible for producing content for live service "Game/songs/video/printables "

2022 - may 2023


I was the Art Director of one of the growing mena studios in Saudi Arabia

Aug 2019 - Oct 2021


Ssenior Lead Artist / I was responsible for updating all games art to modern graphics to fit the market

2015 - Apr 2019

Tarboosh Games

Creative Art Director / i was responsible for all art direction for the games we made

Nov 2013 - 2015

Tamatem Inc.

Game Artist / main graphic designer and animator and one on the great team of Tamatem

Aug 2013 - Mar 2014


Game Artist / a main graphic designer and 2d game artist

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Art Direction

Make your game popup and let us have a call to see how we can improve the game and deliver it to the market

Email support

$100-500One time

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Traning & Tuturing

I will give lessons/personal time to guide you in your artistic journey & help you develop your skill and review your portfolio 

Tips & Tricks included 😛


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Clients & Reviews

Danar Kayfi

Passionate Game Developer, @Unity Tutor

I dealt with many artists and game designers in my game dev journey and I can easily say that working with Mohammed was and still one of the best experiences, he provide a high level of professionalism and unique out of the box ideas in art and design to improve the game which makes the game dev process much smoother, Keep up the awesome work ^_^

Beşir (Besher) Bankaslı

International Sales, Marketing & Relations Expert

واحد من افضل الفنانين في الوطن العربي, مخيلته و افكاره بتخلق ابداع ما إله مثيل

Bilal Basbous

Senior Android Developer

I recently had the pleasure of working with mohamad and I must say, I was truly amazed by their skill and talent. Not only did they produce high-quality artwork, but they also worked incredibly fast and made the process a lot of fun. Their attention to detail and ability to bring my vision to life surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend this artist to anyone looking for top-notch game art and a seamless, enjoyable experience. Their website showcases their impressive portfolio to see the breadth of their talent. Don't hesitate to work with this artist - you won't be disappointed!

Mehmet Aktürk

Sales | Account Management | Marketing

I had the pleasure of experiencing Abdülkerim's game designing and graphic art skills, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. Their attention to detail and creativity truly shone through in every aspect of the game. The graphics were stunning and really added to the overall immersive experience of the game. Moreover, the game design itself was very well thought out and executed flawlessly. The gameplay was engaging, challenging, and addicting, which kept me coming back for more. The level design was also very impressive, with each level being unique and presenting new challenges for the player. Overall, his game designing and graphic art skills are truly top-notch. They have a clear passion for what they do, and it definitely shows in the quality of their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a talented game designer or graphic artist.

Mhd Ayyash

Organizational development manager

Working with Muhammed Abdulkarim was an absolute pleasure. as an organizational development manager , I was impressed by his ability to not only come up with innovative and original ideas but also to execute them flawlessly. He has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of what it takes to create content that truly resonates with audiences.

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